Infrastructure and Services for Institutional Partners

Full range of white-label asset management and custodian services

First-class infrastructure with access to international markets for securities trading and settlement

Licensing and administration of funds under the brand of the institutional partner

Why Expat?

Expat Asset Management is the largest independent asset management company in Bulgaria, with global infrastructure and access to trading in all markets around the world in almost all asset classes. The company provides a full range of white-label financial and investment services for financial institutional partners:

  • Global infrastructure for trading financial instruments – with real settlement and delivery of securities, without restrictions in the scope and markets encountered by individual investors
  • Settlement and safekeeping of securities from all over the world in established international depositary banks – without credit risk to Expat, broker partners or depositaries
  • Licensing and administration of funds, listing of exchange traded funds and alternative investment funds under the brand name of the institutional partner
  • Listing of public companies on foreign exchanges

Trading Infrastructure

Our institutional partners get immediate access to international markets using the global infrastructure, established relations and resources of Expat as their main operation center.

Expat provides a global infrastructure for trading of financial instruments and derivatives from around the world for institutional partners (investment intermediaries and management companies)

  • Access to all markets around the world in almost all asset classes
  • Excellent connectivity with global and local brokers, banks, depository banks, international securities depositories, stock exchanges, market makers, regulators, index operators, law firms, information agents and other institutions
  • Long-term business relationships with over 50 brokers from more than 20 countries, which allow for very competitive and preferential trading conditions, closer spreads, better exchange and forward rates, and high liquidity

Expat provides execution of trade orders on behalf and for the account of the institutional partner (and its individual clients)

  • Access to regulated markets and OTC
  • No restrictions on the scope of markets and instruments
  • DVP (Delivery-versus-payment) principle of trade and settlement. This eliminates operational and credit risks
  • Saving resources and costs on staff, information systems and building international partnerships and relations with brokers, depositaries, regulators, etc.

Settlement and Safekeeping

Full range of safekeeping / custody services for institutional partners and their individual clients

  • Off-balance safekeeping of securities provided by reputable depository banks in Europe (no credit risk to Expat and the depositaries)
  • Only DVP trading (delivery-versus-payment) and real settlement of securities, without operational and credit risk to brokers
  • All non-market risks (operational and others) are covered by professional liability insurance from Colonnade Europe (Luxembourg)
  • Opportunities for omnibus or segregated storage of the institutional partner's assets
  • Transparency and detailed superior reporting

Asset Management for Third Party Clients

Investment Account Management

Communication and Management



Onboarding of new clients

KYC / AML processes


Creating and following an investment strategy

Trading and settlement

Complete outsourcing of the management of the investment account

Access to analyses, investment ideas and recommendations of Expat and our international partners

In accordance with international best practices

Possibility for an omnibus and segregated reports

Confirmations for each transaction


Licensing and Administration of Funds

Expat Asset Management has extensive experience and expertise in the process of licensing, admission to trading and administration of funds in Europe. With 18 funds, some of which traded on 4 stock exchanges (Sofia, Frankfurt, London, Ljubljana), Expat is the only Bulgarian company with financial instruments admitted for trading on major European markets. Expat is one of the 30 ETF providers from around the world admitted to the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange. Expat's exchange traded funds are the only Bulgarian funds admitted to Clearstream – one of the world's largest securities depositors.

Expat provides to institutional partners licensing and administration services for exchange traded funds, mutual funds and alternative investment funds under the trademarks of institutional partners.