What we do

One does not need to travel to Zurich, Vienna or Hong Kong to receive superior-quality wealth management solutions. We offer the level of service one can find at any major international asset manager, with added flexibility and a more personal touch. We manage your savings in a customized diversified portfolio of liquid financial instruments with emphasis on first-class issuers globally.

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Management of individual investment portfolios

An individual investment account is an actively managed portfolio of liquid financial instruments traded in the global markets. We establish a long-term investment framework based on key parameters such as risk tolerance, time horizon, return expectations, tax specifics, and other requirements and limitations of the client. This allows good financial planning in the long run and accumulation of capital for the important projects in the client's life (children's education, retirement, starting your own business, etc.).

Our objective is an asset allocation which over the long term would deliver the required returns with an optimal level of risk. The personalized approach allows the good investment manager to offer an individual solution both for investors who seek a high degree of protection of the invested amount, and for those who are interested in maximum return on investment.

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Funds worldwide through Clearstream

Expat Asset Management is the only managing company in Bulgaria which has access to the Vestima platform of Clearstream. With more than 125,000 investment funds from 37 jurisdictions, Vestima is the world’s largest cross-border fund processing platform providing a gateway to global funds solution – from mutual funds to exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and hedge funds.

Management of funds

Funds are suitable for investors who want to achieve better diversification with a relatively small investment, or want a diversified basket as part of their individual investment account in order to reduce risk and achieve exposure to a wide range of instruments at lower transaction costs and zero taxes. Expat Asset Management manages three mutual funds investing in the global markets, and a family of exchange-traded index funds tracking the performance of stock indices from the CEE region, a fund following the price of gold, and a fund investing in global artworks. Expat Capital is also the management company of a real estate investment trust listed on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange.

Innovation has become our trade mark. Expat is the only company to the east of Frankfurt and to the west of Hong Kong with its own funds being listed on 4 European stock exchanges. Expat is one of the 30 ETF operators on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, as well as on the London Stock Exchange and it is the only Bulgarian company with instruments on these markets. In addition to 1000+ personal investment accounts, we manage 18 funds, some of which unique for the reagion.

Investments in global art

Real Estate Investment Trust