Why us

Expat provides a professional and modern alternative to the deposits and real estate investments traditionally used by savers in Bulgaria, and cost-effective, tax-efficient, flexible premium investment solutions to its global client network.

High level of confidentiality

Confidentiality and privacy are a fundamental part of our job. We provide reliable protection of our clients’ identity and assets – at a superior level compared to other similar service providers.

Personalized investment strategies

The individual investment account with us is like a tailor-made suit. We are committed to understanding the clients' unique financial circumstances, their objectives and their career and family dynamics, in order to guarantee a service level and investment strategy customized to the specific needs and expectations of every investor. We have solutions for clients with assets ranging from tens of thousands to tens of millions of euros.

Global reach

We diversify our clients’ country-specific risks away from jurisdictions where the investor has a natural concentration of personal and economic risks. Through the investment account with Expat, the client has access to investment opportunities worldwide. We analyse and monitor hundreds of companies and financial instruments from different regions and in different currencies in order to achieve better diversification and to protect our clients’ assets from domestic risks. Our strong business relations with leading global banks and other financial institutions worldwide allow us to offer a complete range of investment banking services at optimal cost levels.

Immediate liquidity

Our clients’ money is invested in 100% liquid financial instruments with daily quoted market prices. The clients may use their money at any time by making a transfer from their investment accounts to any bank account around the world.

Security guarantee

The clients’ securities are their personal property and are kept off-balance with reputable custodians. The investor has no credit risk related to Expat or to custodian banks.